Friday, July 10, 2009

Please Stop Comparing Chrome OS to Windows and OSX

Ok i get it. Google's long time rumored OS is finally a reality (kind of). But seriously its something different.

Yes its an OS in some sense of the concept but really its not. Its really a harder push from Google into "the cloud". Google isn't looking to take on MS and Apple by competing head to head with them, that would be silly, those two already fight like children. They're looking to sneak around the squabble and change the game, much the way they became one of the biggest tech companies that exist.

Its kind of silly to talk about this with so few specific details released. But its extremely silly to start saying "this is going to kill windows!" and "bad move by google!". We don't know what it really is yet! We know its a lightweight, web-focused OS based on linux at the core, much like their Android OS. However Android is focused on mobile devices, Chrome will be focused on PCs, specifically netbooks. Netbooks are the key to this. The netbooks experience currently is really terrible. Custom OSs are inadequate so people install linux or XP, but the systems are barely strong enough to handle them (also XP is friggin old). The concept of a netbook is pretty tempting. A small, lightweight, cheap computer that is extremely portable, yes please! So what Google is going to attempt to do is push that bar into an area that no one else is attempting. A cheaper computer that also run well, now were talking. MS claims that Windows 7 will run well on netbooks, and I believe it, but what are the limitations? They have to exist. If Google pushes people to use more cloud applications while thinking they are using a standard application that removes many of the possible limitations.

There is also a huge subset of people that only use their computer to access the Internet. So why not make that experience completely seamless. And who better than Google to pull off this. A company of the Internet, by the Internet and for the Internet. Where MS and Apple are tied down to physical hardware, Google just sort of exists, in its cloud. So what Chrome is going to do is put you right into their cloud.

So Chrome is not going to compete head to head with MS and Apple. Please stop.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I got a blogging app for my iPhone. Setting it up and trying out and whatnot. Seems like all is well. Now I can blog on the go. Awesome. Yes I'm being sarcastic.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I must say that Im a bit of a cook as a hobby. I have food blogs in my rss feed and recipes in my stubleupon. However as a single guy who lives alone and doesnt have a lot of free time its difficult to actually get around to cooking. So I do whatever I can to keep recipes simple and try to scale them down to a single serving. Let me say its not easy. Most recipes are for 4 servings and I just cant eat that much food. It is also hard to keep ingredients in stock and unspoiled. So Im always experimenting to see whats practical for me.

Today I came across this ingredient combination. Ive seen it a few times under a varying descriptions, but the most recently was this. Its simply chicken marinated in italian dressing, lime juice, and honey. I thought hey thats simple, not much effort involved why not. I must say its delicious. It created almost a sort of grilled taste due to all the caramelization that occurs. I over cooked it a bit too, but the taste was still there. I would like to do an all day marinade on it. Oh and its always great to have a nice bubbling pan like this:

Friday, February 27, 2009

A Couple Of Things

TickerMaster/Live Nation Fiasco
This is something that has pissed me off for a very long time. I friggin HATE ticketmaster. This whole move is completely ridiculous and down right shameful. Ticketmaster's entire business model is built upon a scam. It extorts money from people who merely want to enjoy some simple entertainment. This is exploitation and wrong.
What Ticketmaster is ultimately trying to do here is to make people bid for their tickets. A model that assures maximum returns regardless of the product. So no matter if the show is big venue or small, you will be paying top dollar regardless of the act. This is rediculous. Pricing should be set by venues and performers, not some shadowy third party.
They are essentially turning themselves into ticket scalpers. Which I guess would almost eliminate that threat to their profits. You cant really scalp a ticket you payed the maximum price for, no one would buy it for more so theres no profit. The thought should make any concert goers stomach turn.
What I wish would happen is that this will point out how terrible ticketing as a service is. Venues should manage their own attendance. With the technology available today it is not difficult at all. Hell a will call system is pretty much just buy with a credit card and show the card at the door instead. Thats pretty much done for you.

The Desperation of Print Media
Print media is dead....and newspapers killed it. Now Im not including books when I say print media, I still think they can hold on since their is not quite an adequate replacement (a computer screen the size of a book is not a book nor comfortable to read on). I am talking about newspapers and magazines. How they have managed to hang on this long kind of surprises me. The internet is such vastly superior medium, and is rapidly shaping itslef to make newspapers look like silent films compared to todays cinema.
The killer feature of the internet is obvious, the price. Who doesnt love free? However the reason newspapers are shooting themselves in the foot is that they want to make the papers available online, but for a price. To think this will work is down right stupid. Personally I dont get my news from one "trusted" source such as the Associated Press or the New York Times. I get it from a viriety of places filtered into Google Reader. It basically becomes my own custom, constantly updating newspaper, oh and its all completely free. I know the NY Times has had a pay-for service for part of its site, but the actual news is free, and I dont think I know a single person who buys the extra crap. The only reason I'd see to do so is for the crossword anyway.
People dont use websites the way they use newspapers. I consume information a lot more rapidly than I do with papers. The information I want is there, no page turning, no indexes. Just a click or at most a google search and I have what I want. The 'I want' part is key. Most of what I find it papers is boring drivel, unfunny comics, and oh yeah a little piece of whats going on in the world, but then some moron who has nothing in common with me or my interests tells me their opinion.
Print media is an antiquated industry that is rapidly fading away. If they dont find a better way to stay in business than to charge for their web content their companies are going to disappear as well. This is just yet another example of industries failing to catch on to technology and making poor business moves instead. Next we'll start seeing the AP suing bloggers because they think they have a right to content. Itll be just like the RIAA/MPAA nonsense all over again.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pointless Speculation

Some speculation about what I think is going to happen in the world of tech and gadgets in 2009.

First off, (going big) iPhone. I purchased the original iPhone a couple months after launch(June 2007). I freaking love the thing. It has only gotten better and better since I dropped the exorbident amount of cash on it. Then came the 3G, which I was very excited about in the lead up to its release(July 2009). Once the phone actually came out it fell extremely flat for me. It was basically the exact phone with a slightly redone body and a questionable new cellular chip. What was the big draw to get me to buy this? "Its faster!" was the obvious answer, but that was a relative question. The 3G network of ATT was not nearly as strong and reliable as its EDGE and as a result was subject to frequent outages at the time of release, while my EDGE connection was suiting me just fine. Ive since cracked the screen on my First Gen and I still prefer it over the 3G, mostly because I think a new one is due soon.
So I am thinking that this summer (6/07 -> 7/08 -> 8/09???) we will see the real iPhone 3G (3rd generation, as per the iPod naming scheme). I think there is a substantial amount of evidence for this. First, iPhones are selling like crazy. It seem like everyone and their mother has one now so all that stock isnt sitting still. Second, there are increasing discounts at large vendors such as Walmart and more recently Best Buy, discounting $100(!). I think Apples trying to drop push floorstock numbers even faster to accomodate a new product. Third, the hardware is freaking old. The original iPhone and the 3G run on very similar internals. The processor chips are the same and there wasnt even a storage increase in the second round, that is very unusual. Which points me to the iPod Touch which recieved its second release around the same time as the 3G. Now, the Touch did recieve spec bumps in its processor and in its storage. "Why one and not the other?" I have to ask. I think ATTs subisidy came at the cost of helping to push its inferior 3G network to more utilization while allowing Apple to sell larger numbers due to the price drop. So Apple stuck in a new cell chip and put out an almost identical product, while working on the real next-gen iPhone in quiet.
Now as for the rumored "iPhone Nano," no friggin' way. Shrinking the screen realestate is ridiculous for one. I think the iPhones screen is right about at the lower limit for a usable touch screen device. Tactile keyboard? Nope. Fat chance. Just learn to use the touch keyboard. Ive grown to like it so much i wish my laptop keyboard had its functionality (double tapping space for a period would be awesome! Id script it I would love to see copy/paste, simultaneous apps, maybe some of those safari 4 beta features. I dont think this is too unreasonable. The Palm Pre due out this year seems to be trying to hit them on these points, and I dont think it could stand a chance if these feature were worked out.

Next up is Windows 7. Ive had the beta for a while now (Im a MSDN member) and I think it is fantastic. Now I say fantastic in comparison to the piece of dog crap that was Vista. This is a real "why didnt you do it this way to begin with" release. The polish is there since its basically just a re-thought Vista with a few new features (that i have yet to really notice). The beta has to be the most stable beta operating system I've ever used. Theres rumors of a release candidate build being right around the corner. Steve Ballmer keeps saying next year, but if hes taught us anything about who he is, this is utter crap.
I use the box that is installed on primarily for gaming ( Team Fortess 2 and Left 4 Dead) and i have noticed substantial performance increases on my mediocre system. All my hardware installed without a hitch and I actually have some features I didnt even have when I had XP installed. I would love to change my work computer over. Its really scary how many software devlopers there are out there still wokring in XP. XP came out in 2001, 8 years ago! Thats ridiculous. However, I cannot bring myself to install a beta OS on a machine that I absolutely require for my extremely computing intensive work, a release candidate though, I could do that.
So Im calling it. iPhone by summer, Windows by fall. This is all my blatant speculation. Only founded on my observations. I will never pretend to understand the logic of major businesses like these. I just see some trends that look to point in this direction. I bet Im right though.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is getting out of hand.

Alright. I have a pretty crappy commute. I need to travel between Philadelphia and Malvern PA, during rush hour, on extremely congested roads. The trek should take, according to Google Maps, 39 minutes. In reality, with traffic, Its more like 75 minutes. I would take the major highway that runs nearest, I-76. But that feels like a death-trap with cars going from 80+ to dead stops. So I am constantly trying new back roads, but mostly I have settled on rt30, Lancaster turnpike/ave, since it is pretty much a straight line down the highway.However thats not even my problem.
This week I have had to witness 3 accidents. Its only Tuesday. And these were not little fender-benders. First, upon entering Bryn Mawr, there was a large commotion of police in the center of the road. As I drove passed the incident I noticed a car with a dented hood and a lump of clothing on the ground. As the ambulance approached I noticed the EMTs around the lump. It was a person. I could not find any news on this, but I saw it. Then today on entering Devon township I first saw a car on the curb on the opposite side of the road, then there was the SUV on its side with the windsheild kicked out. I think I saw at least 4 vehicles involved. Then further down the road more police activity. A rear ending incident with the respective vehicles having their front and back ends smashed in. I will note that there were police on site on all incidents.
I really hope this is just a coincidence, but really its all just inevitable. The road goes from a speed limit of 45 to 25 to 45 to 35 constantly changing. So obviously no one knows what speed to drive. Traffic simply goes. The speeds and maneuvers I have witnessed are absurd. Its an extemely dangerous road for anyone. I know of no solution to this other than for people to be better more aware drivers, but thats not going to happen. This is an active problem everywhere, but Lancaster turnpike really makes this glaring. Not that my other option of I-76 is any better. I'd just like to not fear for my life while trying to get to my job and back.